How to Invest Like Warren Buffett for Dummys


Say you recently inherited money from a relative and have no clue where to invest in. You are interested in investments, especially in the stock market, so you read in the newspaper and books. But, you keep asking yourself, what is the best way to invest in the stock market? Look …

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The Power of Compounding Returns: Save $100,000 before you are 30 and you are set


Want to know the power of compounding returns? Einstein called compounding interest, “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time”. As far as I can tell, money is a renewable resource. A lot of money will make more money, as long as you have time.         I will present to …

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Setting Up A Bachelor Pad

Boston Acoustics Tvee Model 26

So you landed a great job and are ready to move out of the house. Now, you are ready to build a bachelor pad!  All said and done, it will be worth it. Living Room The living room is a very important element of a bachelor pad. Afterall, you will be spending …

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The American Class Structure as defined by wealth

The wealth divide between the rich and poor has been the largest in recent memory. This has especially been exacerbated from the great recession in 2008, as the stock market recovered and the wealthy made back their money while the poor and middle class got wiped out. According to Joseph Kahl …

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Spending Priorities For A Cash Flow Investor

spending priority pyramid

A passive income Investor must know their spending priorities if they want to obtain assets and grow them. Here is a sample chapter from’s New Ebook: How to Be A Cash Flow Investor. Get free access HERE What you choose to spend on is vital to your long term wealth …

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