Setting A Budget, Saving, and Investing

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Here is an easy way to go over your budget, put your expenses in categories, and see how much you are actually saving when you net revenues and expenses. The formula is simple: Revenue – Expenses = Net Income. So take the extra 10 minutes to go through your monthly budget, it …

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The Difference Between an Asset and a Liability – Personal Finance

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The key to wealth accumulation is knowing the difference between an asset and a liability. If you know this difference, you can identify all the things that are making you poorer every month so that you can decrease it while focusing on things that will make you richer. So what is …

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Three Things My Finance Professor Told Me

I had an awesome finance professor back in college that really made an impression on me. On the last day of class, after we went over the final exam, he told us three pieces of life advice. These three things really stayed with me, and I would like to share them …

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Getting to One Million Dollars

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Saving every month and investing are key to building wealth. Here is a table which shows how one can accumulate one million dollars for retirement. At the top is the rate of return required on an annual basis and the left column shows the holding period required. Each cell shows the …

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How to Invest Like Warren Buffett for Dummys


Say you recently inherited money from a relative and have no clue where to invest in. You are interested in investments, especially in the stock market, so you read in the newspaper and books. But, you keep asking yourself, what is the best way to invest in the stock market? Look …

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